Monday, 12 May 2014

Northern Flicker Excavating Nest

Northern Flicker Colaptes auratus 
Excavating Nest
5 May 2014

   I witnessed this female Northern Flicker busily excavating a nest cavity in a snag at a local wetland. It was truly prodigious in its efforts and at times wood chips were flying out of the hole. I have visited subsequently and the nest seems to be ready for occupancy. A pair of flickers were in the vicinity but I did not see either of them enter the hole. I will continue to check!

    Not to be outdone, this Canada Goose Branta canadensis seemed equally interested in hole in a snag!


  1. Oh, very original birds. The last picture is so beautiful !

  2. Watching woodpeckers destroying trees is great fun. Even better if they are flickers or pileated!

    I am seeing lots of spot fly's in Menorca but they are now struggling in the UK.

  3. Beautiful Woodpecker and equally wonderful pictures.
    Beautiful also the Goose on the wood, very special
    .Greetings Tinie

  4. Beautiful pictures of the woodpecker, including the goose in the tree.
    Greetings Irma

  5. The flicker we dont have here but the goose.

  6. Fantastic!
    Such a gorgeous bird!
    I have had a look at all your latest posts,, boy do you have pics to show us!!
    What caught most my attention is the Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse!
    I have seen some similar ones in Spain but they are getting very difficult see nowadays although the water levels are low in the dams.
    Keep well David!

  7. WOWWWWW!!!!!! What a wonderful beautiful woodpecker is!! I'm really sure they are abroad much nicer birds than we do here in the Netherlands. Really wonderful to see David!

  8. Beautiful David, I never saw this before. I live in Belgium and you in that very large and beautiful Canada. Thanks for your visit on my blog. Ria